Revox C 8.0

  • 29" E-MTB with Bosch Performance Line Motor and light Alloy Frame
  • Manitou Marvel Comp Air Sprung Fork, 80/100mm, Remote Lockout
  • Shimano SLX 10-speed Drive Train
  • Hydraulic Shimano BR-M506 Disc Brake

Detail view



3D Forging
3D Forging

In contrast to milling each part individually, the advantage of forging is a faster production of complex components on the one hand and a higher structural strength on the other, this enables safer and lightweight designs.

Fluid Forming Technology
Fluid Forming Technology

During production, the raw tubes lie in a sealed mold and are then mechanically pressed into shape. This is an efficient way to produce tube sets which allow for fluid and organic frame designs with the added benefit of being perfectly shaped and dimensioned to withstand all the stress put into the material during use.


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